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300 years ago this entire region, from the Dawnforge Mountains to the north to the beginning of the Golden Savannah Desert to the south, fell under the protection of the Empire of Nerath. An age of prosperity and peace filled the territory of Nerath as its cities, towns, and villages felt safe. This allowed for great leaps in science and marvels of magic allowing the empire's brightest and most resourceful to create untold wonders. A well known example of this is the constructs known as the Warforged, creatures made of metal that were given the spark of life from the Creation Forge.

However the Empire of Nerath fell to a mixture of internal fighting, like most large empires, and external conflicts with the undead legions of Karkoth. It is rumored that traces of Nerath's once grand cities lie buried waiting to be discovered and their marvels simply went missing. In some circles it is suggested that several Creation Forges survived the fall of the Empire of Nerath and are left undiscovered within its old borders, a great source of power if discovered surely.

Our adventure begins in the Nentir Vale near the small village of Albridge, where our adventurers are traveling to for potential work. On the road they are startled to see black inky smoke staining the horizon. Their reaction has with it the ability to change the fate of not only the Nentir Vale, nor that of Nerath but potentially the whole world…


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Factions and Organisations

When the Empire of Nerath fell, the world descended into chaos. Out of this chaos rose individuals of strength or cunning who sought to turn this disastrous event into their advantage. This in turn created factions and organisations to fill the power vaccumn left in the absence of Nerath's nobles and military/magical power. The goals of these groups could be beneficial to the struggling region or harmful beyond measure but only those privy to their internal workings and secrets can truly know. Belonging to an organization might not carry the prestige that comes with garnering the patronage of a noble house, nor the financial windfall of advancing to the top of a powerful guild, but it can provide a far greater sense of belonging and accomplishment than either of the other two achievements could hope to offer

[[Nerathin Dauntless]]

Magnis Pontus

Iron Circle

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Sanctum Nocturnum

Bloodspear Orcs

Monsters and worse…

With the Empire of Nerath gone and forgotten the common folk of the world look upon the wild lands with dread. Few people are widely traveled—even the most ambitious merchant is careful to stick to better-known roads. The lands between towns or homesteads are wide and empty. It might be safe enough within a day’s ride of a city or an hour’s walk of a village, but go beyond that and you are taking your life into your hands. People are scared of what might be waiting in the old forest or beyond the barren hills at the far end of the valley, because whatever is out there is most likely hungry and hostile. Striking off into untraveled lands is something only heroes and adventurers do.


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