Nightmares of Nerath

Session 12: Entering the Underdark

After killing another small group of Troglodytes the group, upon exploring the room further, discover a peculiar structure at the top of the room. Looking at it close it appears to be some sort of intricate cage that seems to surround a golden orb that swirls with pale ripples, finishing with claw like feet dig into the ground. Jenk seeing something shiny inside claims it as his and begins with all his strength to rip the top of the cage off and when it only budged slightly he was infuriated and tried even harder. Asmodie believing it to be something magical reaches into the cage and touches the orb, instantly feeling a painful backlash of Holy energy race through his body as he is propelled across the room and snarls, cupping is scolded hand.

As this was happening Balassar smiles slightly and walks over touching the orb himself, feeling a surge of Holy energy suffuse his body and fill him with energy and strength. He begins to search his copper mind in an attempt to identify what this object could be or what the cage could be and after a couple of minutes of memory sifting he is delighted to discover that it is one of the long lost Orbs of Pelor, a relic of ‘the Bloodwars’ between heaven and hell that was used to create areas of sanctuary. Only knowing of two in existence Balassar makes the decision to protect this relic and take it back to a holy place of Pelor so they may use it as a symbol of worship. However as he was instructing Jenk to protect the cage until he could find a way to open the intricate lock Asmodie reaches across the surface of the cage and touches the orb with his 'fun' dagger.

The moment of contact between the two items creates an ear piercing ringing and as everyone in the room, minus Khadgar who was looking at the murky water in the corner for some reason, watched in horror/rapture as the orb began to grow dig and spider web lick cracks spread across the surface or the orb. This continued for a couple of seconds until the orb was a latticework of crevices and as they watched it crumpled to dull brownish grey dust. Reacting without thinking Jenk lashes out with his foot kicking Asmodie in the chest sending the dagger flying across the room and Asmodie in the opposite direction to slam into the far wall. This reaction however pales in comparison to Balassar’s response, slowly pivoting on the spot he draws his Divine sword with deadly intent and advances towards Azmodie’s current position. Looking up and seeing the paladin advancing on him and recognizing the terrifying look in his eyes the tiefling dimension doors out of the room into the darkness, hoping this saves him. Balassar pings, finding where Azmodie is directly and with a flick, indicating extreme talent (that until now had been hidden) throws his other sword from his scabbard, igniting its core, and illuminating the air as it sails scarily close to Azmodie to lodge in the ground illuminating him. Recognizing the situation he was in and his options, Azmodie throws his hands up in surrender.

As this is happening Jenk goes to retrieve the dagger from where it ended up and is attack by an Abolith that had been hiding in the murky water that Khadgar had been exploring. Surprised and scared that something monsterous had been so close Khadgar falls on his butt watching as Jenk is dragged back into the water and vanishes amidst a flurry of disturbed water. Struggling to free himself Jenk tears into the creature with his razor teeth and hacks at it with his axe, in return being poisoned and constricted to the point that he almost falls unconscious. Khadgar jumps into the water awkwardly to help Jenk by sending his magical pebbles. As the creature slowly loses the fight it seems to lose interest in the raging barbarian and launches itself out of the water apparently in the direction of the dagger. Surging out of the water after the Abolith, Jenk lands on its back and cuts it down then turns to survey the situation at hand.

Balassar calls Jenk over and instructs him to watch the tiefling as he removes all of his possessions and places them on the ground. As this is happening Balassar turns to the Abolith and bottles some of its poison to hopefully use at a later date. Tying up Azmodie they leave all his items to Jenk who hastily puts them all in his chest. Turning to Shreddin who had been rocking backwards and forwards during the whole encounter Balassar asks if he will assist in taking Azmodie back to the surface and a church to receive judgement for what he has done. At the same time Azmodie is mentally talking to Shreddin about the horrible lies that are being told about him (as he is now gagged) and asking to help him get free. Shreddin being unable to process what is happening, nor deal with the weight of the decision that is being forced upon him, breaks down and runs away… straight into a dark unexplored tunnel.

Seconds pass as everyone processes what happens and in unison they turn and rush after their long-time companion, though Azmodie is being carried currently. They race down tunnels they haven’t explored, dark shadows receding in front of them and enticing hallways beckoning to be looked at. After roughly 10 minutes the group rounds a corner to see an enormous group of Troglodytes swarming Shreddin and he seemed unaware of the enormous Troglodyte wearing resplendent armour striding up to him. Before anyone could shout out, Shreddin was smacked in the back of the skull by the haft of a large Warhammer and knocked unconscious, slung over the shoulder of the new Troglodyte and carried deeper into the caverns system.

Slaughtering the large group of Troglodytes, with the assistance of Asmodie of course (who polymorphs out of his bindings and then REBINDS himself when combat finishes) the group push deeper into the caves of the underdark.



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